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Welcome to The Saturn 9 Network

July 30 2018

What if?

Sometimes you can create something so amazing but there just no way to show it to anyone. I found a way to show you something and it can all be done here at the Saturn 9 Network. Possibly a gaming page, possibly a statistical page, possibly a page about hamsters. I know it can be done and now you can do it too. Create something for everyone to see!


June 29 2018


Now you can select page templates prior to starting your page. These come in a wide variety, from profiles to advertising pages. 

  • Copy and paste code just by pressing a button. Add our code into yours. Make your page your very own with unique applets, scripts, and other advanced page options.
  • Fixed the registration loop that sent users to logout before actually logging in.
  • Fixed the color box so now you can select any color of your choosing instead of manually typing the hex or decimal code.