Who are we? Actually “we” is just I, Nick Physick, a web developer with your inspirations in mind. What is it that most people ask for in social media?


Why can’t I dislike a post or upload a 10 hour video of cats rolling on carpet? Why is everything I post deleted by the administrator by the time I try to share it with my friends?

I would ask myself these questions when I came up with a solution to all of these problems. Why don’t I develop a social media website where we can all have a different perspective of how a social media website should look like. With the tools I offer here at The Saturn 9 Network, your ideas are limitless. Yoy can change just about anything that you desire to put ona blank white page.

Show friends, hide friends, change colors, text size, have a white page with the words “go away”. You name it, it can be done.

So have a look around. Sign up for an account but you don’t need one to look at the many pages that were made right here.