Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Dividied

This is the FULL INSTALLATION of Star Wars Galaxies game files needed for the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator.  


How to install: 

Star_Wars_Galaxies.zip  file (5.83GB)Download Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

UPDATED: Since the file is so large, it is recommended that you download the files individually through this ftp link and place them accordantly inside the Star Wars Galaxies folder. 

Point the SWGemu installation to the directory where you extracted the Star Wars Galaxies folder.

Patch the game.

Run the game and Enjoy! 


More information on how to install SWGemu here.


Here are some images of the game:


Brought to you by The [NIN] Guild on the Basilisk Server. I am Medch Resan 🙂


Why am I doing this?

My friends are having a hard time finding the files to play this game. There are a few places to find it but I decided to put up the folder directly  as a download which is need by the SWGemu in order to play.

Sepetember 2018